Does Timothy's Tractor Parts offer a pickup and delivery service? 

Yes. We offer a pickup service for $30, as well as delivery for $30. Round Trip is $60. 


How much is hourly labor?

The hourly labor rate for Timothy's Tractor Parts is $75. 


How much will it be to fix my mower?

Click the tab at the top labeled "Service" for our maintenance packages.

Otherwise please message us through our Facebook page or call us at (810)-422-9206 for quotes. 

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Welcome to Timothy's Tractor Parts, we are a small business that opened our  new location in January of 2020. Our owner, Timothy Wagner, has been working on tractors and mowers since he was able to walk and started the business in June of 2015. Our staff is some of the nicest people you'll ever meet. Not only do we help you get what you need, but we treat everyone as family.