Service Rate: $75.00 per hour

Diagnostics Fee: $25.00 

Snow blower 

Maintenance Packages:

(prices do not include, taxes, additional parts, & pickup/delivery) 

  • Single, Two, Three-Stage

  • Snow Blower -$74.99

    • Change Engine Oil ​

    • Flush Fuel System

    • Install New Spark Plug

    • Check Compression

    • Test Ignition System 

    • Check and Adjust Belts*

    • Lubricate and Adjust cables

    • Check Scraper Bar for Wear 

    • Power Wash Unit

    • Test Overall Operation of Unit

*Price includes labor and parts (spark plug and oil) Additional Charge if belt(s), paddle(s), carburator or scraper bar(s) replacement is required, Pickup and delivery service is available